Nuc and Package Suppliers

(PLEASE NOTE:  All delivery dates are approximate! (can be earlier or later.)


Craig Cella (Loganton, PA) – 570-725-3682   (packages) Chambersburg drop off at Bender’s Potato Barn – call to reserve, mail payment in advance to:  867 East Winter Road, Loganton, PA 17747.  $123 if order before 1-1-20.  Pick up 5 April 2020.  NOTE:  2020 prices not available yet.


Myron Showalter (Greencastle, PA) – 717-598-8184.  (Nucs) 5 frames in cardboard nuc box.  Club price – $160 plus tax.  Direct thru him – $175 plus tax

Discount price for members when buying through the FCBA.  Pick up only (4 May 2020)


Irvin Martin Bee Supply (Carlisle, PA) – 717-776-0244  (Nucs only) $180 (no tax).  $90 deposit.

$25.00 returnable deposit on nuc box.  Balance due at pick up.  Pick up only.  1st batch ready 15 April 2020.


Bjorn Apiaries (Dillsburg, PA)- 717-938-0444  (nucs and packages)

180 Century Lane, Dillsburg, PA 17019.  3 lb package probably $120 – $125.  Must be paid in full by 15 March 2020. Call if ordering more than 10 packages – possible price decrease).  $140 for nucs – call for availability.  Pick up only.

Please call or see his site for terms and conditions. Anything on his site overrides any of this information.


Fisher Bee Farm, aaron Fisher (Lewistown, PA) – 717-242-4373. Nucs $175, packages $120. Discounts available over 20.  Call 800-736-6205.  Pick up only (May)


Honey Hole Apiary (Clear Spring, MD)  301-491-2986  Nucs Only

13324 Blairs Valley Road, Clear Spring, MD 22722.  5 frame nuc in box – $150.

Over wintered in the tri-state area.  First 100 are in wooden boxes.

Available May 1st – pick up only.


Robert House (Carlisle, PA)  717-729-5621    Nucs and packages

243 Allen Road, Carlisle, PA 17013.  $110 -3 lb package. $115 -package w/marked queen (11 April).  Northern Over wintered 5 frame nuc w/marked queen $150.  Call for availability (25 April) weather permitting (bring your own box).   Northern queens $25 marked (1 May).

$25 deposit per item, by check, by mail to reserve your order.


Paul Redding (Waynesboro, PA)  717-404-9789

5 frame nucs for 2020 for $145 without nuc box.  $150 with nuc box.


Baby Bee Apiaries – Michael Poe – Carlisle, PA to download order form or order on line.
Overwintered Nucleus hives and Nucleus hives



Equipment Suppliers

Mohawk Valley Trading Company (Utica, NY) offers raw honeybeeswax candlesmaple syrup and maple sugar. or call 315-519-2640.


Hive House Apiaries (Shepherdstown WV) 304-261-8548
a one stop bee supply shop in Shepherdstown Wv.   They are an official Mann Lake dealer and carry a great selection of equipment and supplies at bulk prices.  From woodenware and frames, to feed and supplements, to protective gear and tools, or honey bottling supplies, they probably have it.  They are a source of queens all season long, and provide both nucs and packages to the area each spring.  They also carry honey and hive products from local beekeepers to give them a market for their products. They are located at 108 S. Princess St. in Shepherdstown WV and are open 9-7 every day by appointment and are very flexible.  Call them at 304-261-8548 or check them out on Facebook.