Mentoring Program

Becoming a beekeeper can be daunting at first when you get your hive set up & your bees arrive. We learn a lot about bees, hives, queens, mites & diseases in class & at the field day. But, like a couple bringing home their first born child, a billion questions
pop up when you start actual beekeeping on your own.

Am I doing this right? The bees are not cooperating. Is there a problem with my hive? Should I be feeding? etc etc etc
The mentoring program would connect new beekeepers with experienced beekeepers to help answer questions & get them through the first year. Mentoring can range from just be answering questions to visiting the location if needed.

By having a mentor, new beekeepers have a source that is familiar with their operation & past issues so the new beekeepers do not have to start from scratch with each call. We are looking for experienced beekeepers to volunteer to be a mentor. If you are an
existing beekeeper, even if you just competed one year, you have something to offer.

If you are a new beekeeper and would like a mentor, please sign you name on our sign
up sheet at the short course.

Mentor List