Beginner Beekeeping Basics Course

Beginner Beekeeping Basics: 2018
March 1,8,15,22,29,
April field day: 14
This year we are adopting a new reference book, “Simple Smart Beekeeping”. This new book goes further explaining each subject and putting wonderful color pictures to help guide the first few years of beekeeping.

When guiding newbees ( new beekeepers ) the pictures are more than helpful. They are a requirement of learning the nuances between the different maladies that beekeepers face maintaining a healthy hive. When trying to diagnose a problem or even that you have one, the symptoms can all sound the same. By being able to compare your frames to the pictures in the book you can usually narrow down the possibilities and eliminate them one by one. At least enough to make the call to ask for the kind of assistance you need.

We are working to have a course that gives more stability and confidence in the basics you are learning. That way when you are applying the knowledge you learned at your own apiary, you can help your bees maintain healthy working colonies.

During each class we go over basic elements that will prepare you to get the necessary tools and equipment including where and how to get bees. Answering questions about what wooden ware (parts to build a hive) you will need, what kind of protection gear, including trying on different suits and gloves so you know what to order and size you need. We go over all the legal aspects you need to consider. Then the best way to buy your bees and how to get them in the hive. Then onto hive management and recognizing pests, diseases and maladies. After a short break so you can get your equipment, paint your hives and prepare you apiary we will take you into an operating apiary and into your gear and show you how to get your bees into your hive. We will also show you short demonstrations of what you can do with products from your hive. We have workshops later throughout the season that go over particulars of all the different things that can be harvested and marketed.

At this point its just a matter of picking up your bees and getting them in your hives. After this has been accomplished, we wait a few days and have a summer meeting. We will go over what we have accomplished and what we should be working on in the coming weeks and of course, answering your questions. If you like you can get a mentor. Our mentors are all volunteers and are willing to answer your questions or visit your apiary if your having a problem. We are here give you all the support you need.

Along with our regular club meetings, we have a few meetings and workshops just for the for the new beekeeper as well as social gatherings where you have seasoned beekeepers exchanging tips, advise, successes and failures.

At the end of the season we have a banquet, graduation and silent auction. always a great event and you will get a certificate that you completed the first year of beekeeping.

If you take this course you get the book, the whole years classes and our brand new FCBAPA NEWS letter. We have a website up and running though we are still developing it. it will have your course materials, legal and club forms and the mentors list. We have a face book page to share bee news, you can post pictures and ask questions. It also has all the forms and informational materials. You will also get your first year membership in the fcba. The cost is $60.00 for you and your immediate family of 5 adults or children. We always try to include the children as much as possible as well as have crafts and coloring during the “boring” parts. You are welcome to bring them no matter the age. We will have soft drinks and snacks available to all at no charge.

To take our course at the Penn State Extension Office in Chambersburg, 185 Franklin
Farm Lane, the Ag Building, rooms 7 & 8. Just print out the pdf, fill out the form and
send it to us. Please include a check or money order made out to FCBA.

Mail to:FCBA,
P.O.Box 341,
Chambersburg, PA 17201.

All our classes, meetings and events (except the festival) in 2018 start at 6:30 pm.

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