Be an FCBA Member. Membership is currently $10.00 a year.

We also have a Lifetime Membership for individuals : $100.00

Being a member of the Franklin County Beekeepers Association, your membership helps fund the following programs and allows you access to all our education resources and materials.

  1. We have a honey bee outreach booth. It is currently the booth you see on the front of our face book page. We have samples of honey, honey straws, hand outs for children and adults and an observation hive to bring bees to any event (weather permitting.) We have a nuc box for demonstration of a hive complete with frames with honey, pollen and drawn comb. We have brochures of where to find honey and for the FCBA. We have a projector for keynote and power point presentations. Any Member may sign out the booth and materials for presentations.
  2. We have an interactive pollinator booth for teaching children about pollinators and their roll in our food production and the ecological impact of not having bees in our world. This also has coloring pages, bee trivia and honey tasting and You may even be able to have Polly Pollinate give a personal appearance at your event.
  3. Every spring we sell nucleus hives at cost to members. The club helps in taking orders and handling all the advertising, collecting, a single pick up day, we can buy nucs in volume there by giving our members the discount pricing.
  4. Events, meetings, seminars, speakers and presentations, that allow you to see the full spectrum available to all different levels for beekeepers
  5. Continued Education courses keep you up to date on whats new in the bee world and help teach you the skills to keep your hives happy, buzzing and productive.
  6. Mentors. that really says it all, someone to call, lean on, that will talk to you about your concerns, that will visit your apiary and help you make the right decisions for your hives
  7. Field trips, workshops and hands on experience builds skills and give confidence in handling your own bees. Social events give you access to our most important resource our experienced bees.
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