Legal Considerations of Beekeeping

  • Must register your apiary – $10.00 for 2 year license no matter how many hives.
  • Hives must be able to be inspected – inspector call for appointment
  • Any Bees crossing a state line MUST be inspected first. There is an exception for queens. you must have a queen and nuc sales permit
  • Permit needed to sell queens and nucs in Pa. must keep records of sales and notify if they are being sold out of state.
  • PA Apiary Registration Form (pdf)

Local township/city/development

  • Check and make sure of any restrictions
  • Insurance, check with your insurance policy for coverage/exclusions Use common sense
  • Don’t locate hive where there is playing children.
  • When placing at property lines, place a fence so the bees fly up over other properties.
  • Always place you water between you and all the neighboring properties. once bees find water its hard to make them stop going
  • Place caution signs around hives and bee waters/feeders. children can be mean and dumb.
  • You will get stung. think about keeping an eppi pen. Talk to your doctor about a prescription if you have small children and/or someone may be allergic.