Nuc and Package Suppliers

Mike Merrill – Greencastle, PA
Call to reserve, mail payment in full $95.00
2698 East Weaver Rd. Greencastle, Pa 17225.
Appoximate delivery date: Mid April

Craig Cella – Loganton, PA
Chambersburg drop off at Benders Potato Barn
Call to reserve, mail payment of $113.00 in advance
867 East Winter Rd., Longanton, Pa 17747.
Appoximate delivery date: April 5th

Myron Showalter – Greencastle, PA
717- 598-8184
5 frames in card board nuc box $165.00
Approximate delivery date: May 6th
Discount price for members when buying through the FCBA $145.00 pick up only

Irvin Martin Bee Supply – Carlisle, Pa
(Nucs only)
$150.00 with returnable nuc box, $175.00 painted economy nuc box. 50% to reserve, balance at pick-up.
Appoximate delivery date: April 15th-30th pick up only.

Bjorn Apiaries – Dillsburg, PA
(Packages and Nucs)
180 Century Lane Dillsburg Pa. 17019
$115.00 packages 3lb. package
Approximate delivery date: April 7th from 4-8pm if more than 10 packages or for nucs call for availability and pricing pick up only

Fisher Apiary, Aaron Fisher – Lewistown, Pa
$165.00, discounts available over 20 call 800-736-6305. Pick up only
Approximate delivery date: May

Honey Hole Apiary – Clear Spring, MD
13324 Blairs Valley Rd, Clear Spring MD 21722
5 frame nuc in box $150.00
Approximate delivery date: May 1st, pick up only or