Nuc and Package Suppliers

Craig Cella (Loganton, PA) – 570-725-3682  (packages) Chambersburg drop off at Benders Potato Barn- call to reserve, mail pmt of  122.00 in advance, 867 East Winter Rd., Longanton, Pa 17747. ( April 1st or 2nd  )


Myron Showalter (Greencastle, PA) – 717- 598-8184 (nucs) 5 frames in cardboard nuc box $165.00 (May 4th) discount price for members when buying through the FCBA $150.00 pick up only (May 4th)


Irvin Martin Bee Supply- (Carlisle, PA) 717-776-0244 (nucs only) $160.00+ $25.00 returnable deposit on nuc box,  50% to reserve, balance at pick-up.   (April 15th-30th ) pick up only.


Bjorn Apiaries (Dillsburg , PA) 717-938-0444 (nucs and packages)
180 Century Lane Dillsburg PA 17019 $120.00  3lb. package (pd in full by march 15th)
(April 10th) if more than 10 packages. for nucs call for availability and pricing. Pickup Only please call or see his site for term and conditions. Anything on his site over rides any of this information.


Fisher Bee Farm, Aaron Fisher- (Lewistown, Pa)-717-242-4373 (nucs) $175.00, discounts available over 20 call 800-736-6205. pick up only (May )


Honey Hole Apiary – ( Clear Spring, MD ) 301-491-9671 (nucs)
13324 Blairs Valley Rd, Clear Spring MD 21722 5 frame nuc in box $150.00
Over wintered in the tri- state area. first 100 are in wooden boxes.
(May 1st ) pick up only


Robert House – ( Carlisle, PA ) 717-729-5621 ( nucs and packages )
243 Allen Road, Carlisle, PA  17013 $110- 3lb package $115.oo- w/marked queen (April 20th) Northern Over-wintered 5 frame w/marked queen $150.00 call for availability (April 25th) weather permitting (bring your own box) Northern queens 25.00 marked (May 1st)
$25.00 deposit per item, by check, by mail to reserve your order.


Paul Redding ( Waynesboro PA ) – 717-404-9789
5 frame nucs  for 2019 for $145 without nuc box $150 with nuc box